Bridges To Hope is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Board meets monthly, with the day to day operation under the direction of the Executive Director. Bridges To Hope could not function without the support of its 40+ regular volunteer contingent. 


Jody Williams, Community Kitchen & Food Pantry Coordinator
Kelly Yetman, Administration and Accounting
Raylene Roche, Food Pantry Intake Coordinator

Board of Directors 2016-2017

Roger Angel, Chair
Marina Adams, Vice Chair
Lillian Crawford, Secretary/Chair of Program Committee
Brian Scammell, Treasurer
Paul Davis, Chair of Human Resources 
Betty Barrett, Chair of Property Committee
Pat West, Chair of New Pantry Committee
Edgar Elliott, Community Representative
Andrew Collins, Board Member
Stephen Gray, Board Member
Debra Sparkes-Mercer, Board Member
Kelly Tuck, Board Member
The Rev. Faith March-MacCuish, Member Ex-Officio
Heather Elliott, Executive Director (Staff)