Sponsor a Healthy Food Hamper

Sponsor a Healthy Food Hamper for an individual or family. Your financial support will enable Bridges to Hope to fill every Food Hamper with fresh fruit, vegetables, homemade bread, dairy products and all of the important food staples needed to offset hunger, and stay nourished.   

Full Food Hamper
3-4 days of healthy nutritious food at $120.00 per hamper. 

Emergency Food Hamper
1-2 days of healthy nutritious food at $75.00 per hamper. 

Fruit & Vegetables
A donation toward the purchase of fresh fruit, vegetables and milk at $45.00  

Sponsor an Individual in our Community Kitchen Fresh Start Cooking Program

Your donation of $150 will sponsor an individual in a Fresh Start Cooking program. 4 ( 2 hour) small group sessions where individuals learn how to budget, purchase and prepare simple, healthy recipes that will feed one or a whole family. The classes are empowering and impactful

Corporate & Community Giving – 100 Gifts of $1000

In 2016, Bridges to Hope served more than 9,200 clients and we expect that number to rise in 2017.  We estimate that each food hamper created for a family costs approximately $125.00 to assemble. Our goal with 100 Gifts of $1000 is to raise enough money to ensure we can fill each and every one of those food hampers for every single individual or family throughout the coming year. 

We know you want to help, and there are many ways to do so. So, we’re inviting one and all to help us reach our goal. If you work for a company, belong to a club or a community organization that has a great culture and a giving nature, you can gather your colleagues together to help raise money for Bridges. 

It only takes 100 people to help us reach our goal!

Just as many hands make light work, many small gifts can make a big impact - and make a big difference in the life of someone in your community.